Front-End Development
Custom CMS
Events RSVP System
Hosting & Support
Netflix FYC Films

In Real Pie's third year deploying and supporting the FYC website for Netflix, we gave the site a major overhaul, adding features and improvements to support Guilds, AMPAS and BAFTA screenings and events. 

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Film Season Overhaul

Film awards season means maintaining separate sites for Guilds, AMPAS and in this case, BAFTA too. Each have their own rules and regulations, and of course, they may have different priorities per film. 

Netflix asked us for a content management system (CMS) rebuild from the ground-up that would service all three websites from one database of content. The collaboration introduced new and enhanced functionality, making the '23/'24 season launch one of the most evolved and sophisticated systems we've created to date. 

Content is King

In addition to the shiny, new Events RSVP System which makes managing screenings and Q&As a breeze, we launched a robust, custom CMS capable of serving a wide array of content types across three websites. Controlling what featurette AV appears on which website, or overriding key art for the UK is no longer science fiction. Thanks to the robots at Real Pie, it's a reality today.