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That’s No Moon isn’t seeking to blur the line between interactive and passive entertainment, it’s built upon the understanding that the line no longer exists.

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That's No Moon Studio

A new independent AAA game development studio founded by veterans of some of the industry's most recognizable and acclaimed creative teams, established to craft a new generation of narrative-driven, genre-defining experiences that will span both interactive and linear media.

Real Pie partnered with That's No Moon to design, build, and launch the official website, which most crucially serves as an entry point for prospective candidates to join their team as they scale rapidly in the weeks, months, and years to come, as well as a resource for industry analysts, influencers, and media seeking important studio and project background, contact information, and assets.


We identified and implemented a unique user experience (UX) to display That's No Moon's core founding vision to create genre-defining, industry-leading games that treat narrative and gameplay not as two distinct ideas, but extensions of one another.